New Installs and Monitoring Contracts

For home security systems providers, new homeowners are ideal prospects. Reaching new homeowners with your message on a regular basis will provide you with a continuous flow of qualified leads that will result in increased installation and monitoring business. You’re in the business of keeping homeowners safe and new homeowners are responsive to your offers.

Most new homeowners are ready for a system for the following reasons:

  • They have just purchased a brand new home and need you to finish of the pre-wire, which leads to a monitoring contract
  • They have purchased a resale from another homeowner and the monitoring contract was not transferred from the seller
  • They could use the highly profitable add-ons you can provide to their system (They want to be safe in their new home.)

Currency of the data is important to these offers and we take pride in having the most current data available in the market. Let us provide a count for your market territory today!

By selecting lists based on the date the transaction was recorded at the county courthouse, we can provide you with a consistent list of homeowners who are potentially coming to the end of their of their 36 or 24 month contracts. In our business this is called Xdating and in your business it is called a steady flow of potential business. We know it works and you should get started today!

KYC Data has provided the home security industry with responsive data since 1980. Let us help you generate a consistent flow of leads for both new installs and monitoring contract renewals.