With our latest eCommerce site updates, we now have email addresses on consumers available. Our customers will be able to find recent refinancers, equity borrowers and new homeowners who have an email address!

However, as a marketer, you must comply with all Federal regulations regarding email marketing, specifically, CAN-SPAM. You can find out more information on email marketing rules for businesses from the FTC. The FTC also has a great resource which poses real life scenarios. It is crucial that you follow all email marketing laws as the penalties are steep.

If you do plan on sending marketing emails we strongly urge you to utilize an “email service provider” such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or Zoho. These companies will guide you through the process of creating emails that are compliant as well as for facilities that insure you remove recipients from your email list.

The more channels you can reach prospects on, the more likely you are to convert a prospect to a customer. Reach prospects through direct mail, social media, phone and email today!