Lawn Maintenance Services

New homeowners have just accomplished the american dream. They have purchased their own home. In most cases, this also means they now have a lawn of their own. Landscapers know that few things will do more for that home’s curb appeal than a nicely groomed yard. Be the first to let these new homeowners know that you can help establish and maintain that perfectly groomed lawn. For lawn care and landscaping professionals, new homeowners are ideal prospects. These people are focused on their property investment, but often don’t have the time or knowledge to get and keep their lawn and landscaping in top shape.

At KYC Data, we supply highly-responsive direct marketing lists to the lawn care and landscaping industry every day. Our new homeowner data is your ideal prospect source for:

  • Lawn Care Maintenance Programs
  • Design and Installation Services
  • Periodic Weeding / Clean-Up
  • Fertilization / Weed Control
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Lawn Pest Control

Design and Installation Services

As well as new homeowners, landscaping companies should also market their design and installation services to equity borrowers . These prospects are typically financially sophisticated individuals who have borrowed against the equity in their home, often times for the purpose of home improvements. This is a perfect opportunity for you to let these prospects, who have cash to spend, know the full scope of services you provide beyond ordinary lawn maintenance. In addition to new homeowners, equity borrowers are great prospects for services such as:

  • Landscape Design & Installation
  • Hardscape Design & Installation
  • Pond and Water Feature Design & Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Design & Installation
  • Decorative Landscape Edging Design & Installation

When marketing lawn care and landscaping services to the new homeowner or equity borrower, you need very current data. Our information is compiled hourly, directly from county courthouses nationwide. You simply won’t find more current data from any other list provider.

New Homeowners
A very responsive audience for both lawn and landscape maintenance services and installation and design services.

Equity Borrowers
Homeowners who have cash available for home upgrades and improvements. A very responsive list for installation and design of landscapes, hardscapes, landscape lighting, water features and ponds, landscape edging and more.