KYC Data compiles the freshest New Homeowner lists and New Mover list available in the industry. Because KYC Data is the SOURCE compiler, you are getting data as soon as it’s available from the courthouse, beating your competition to the consumer. KYC Data’s New Homeowner Data/New Mover file is compiled from property deed records, providing you with bona fide transfers of ownership and not records derived from a telephone, SCOA or utility change! KYC Data also runs addresses through USPS CASS and DPV software to ensure that each address you receive is deliverable.

Call us, send an emailrequest a count, or use our online system 24/7 and allow us to prove why we are the premier SOURCE for New Homeowner/New Mover data.

A KYC Data New Homeowner/New Mover record data contains the following information:

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Type of Record
  • Sales Price
  • Name of Lender (when matched with a mortgage)
  • Mortgage Amount (when matched with a mortgage)
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP® and ZIP + 4®
  • Gender of Buyers
  • Recording Date of Deed
  • Recording Date of Mortgage (when matched with a mortgage)
  • County Name
  • Delivery Point, Carrier Route and Check Digit
  • Congressional District
  • Dwelling Type
  • USPS Certification Codes

Why use KYC Data’s New Homeowner/New Mover records?

  • Our data is complied daily so you can reach consumers with new homes first.
  • We compile an average of 50,000 new homeowners per week.
  • We thoroughly clean our data and put it through USPS CASS/DPV certification
  • Our data is available 24×7 through our online count system