Experience Deeply Rooted in Data Sourcing Excellence

KYC Data is your best data vendor of choice

KYC Data is the premier source compiler of public records in the U.S. specializing in New Homeowner, Mortgage and Equity Borrower Data. Our data is obtained daily from verified public documents recorded at state, county and city levels nationwide. Using cutting-edge technology and decades of experience, we now compile over one million public records per month.

Because KYC Data collects and compiles data on a daily basis, our clients are always assured that it is fresh and accurate. No intermediary parties have touched or manipulated the data so you can trust in its accuracy and performance each and every time—all at a budget-friendly cost.

If you are a marketing company selling products or services that target new homeowners like insurance firms, refinance lenders, moving companies, landscapers, home security services or other related entities, KYC Data is your data vendor of choice.

KYC Data has deep roots in the data industry. Since 1980 our founders were instrumental in building not just one, but several of the largest data companies in the world. Our stellar reputation for delivering reliable and accurate data, coupled with unwavering customer service, has made us one of the leading sources of data for hundreds of companies including major data resellers and brokers.

Decades of Experience

The 4 C's of Data Marketing and Our Pledge to you

The KYC Data Team is bonded around our formula for success that has driven our performance excellence for decades. It is summed up with the 4 C’s of data marketing and it’s our pledge to you.



We will leave no stone unturned to reach every region, county and local source of New Homeowner and Mortgage data.

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As the premier source compiler of New Homeowner data and Mortgage data, we will deliver only the freshest, most current data to our customers.

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While our data is recognized as the gold standard of the industry, we will price our products competitively but fairly.

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KYC Data will always exceed customer expectations for responsiveness, effectiveness and ease of use.







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