The website,, has been officially been redesigned. This new design is full of vibrant, full colors that catch your attention. The previous design had a low variety of colors and seemed to focus on the color green. However, with the new design the website is more welcoming.

Along with the new color scheme, a new outline was designed for the site. The links are much easier to follow. As you view the home page, you can see a view of the different types of data and each one offers the option of getting more details or starting your own count. These links are also accompanied by pictures that bring your eyes to the links. Before, you had the usual drop down menus as you scroll over the categories.

This new design just feels smoother and you find your way around the site easier. Right away, there is a big link offering you to go ahead and “Run a Count”. This link promotes curiosity form the prospect and achieves KYC Data’s goal of providing the prospect with immediate answers on what data is available.

One important change that we feel is important in a website is the “About” section. Before, it was up in the corner, not noticeable, but now it has its own section among the others at the top making it more accessible. Knowing who you will potentially work with is important. This section gives the prospect the information they need to make the right choice.

KYC Data is the premier source for public records. Every day, information is obtained from public documents which are recorded at state, county and city courthouses throughout the U.S.. The information that KYC Data specializes in is new homeowner data, mortgage data, and equity borrower data. KYC Data has provided hundreds of companies this valuable information for marketing and research. They are reliable at providing over one million clean public records every month.

This new design is sure to draw in many more prospects and even bring back those that simply skimmed it once before.