RingCentral How To

Do you need help using our eCommerce site, or maybe need to get to a KYC Data hosted meeting?

KYC Data uses RingCentral for hosting virtual meetings.  These meetings allow you to show your screen and with your permission, allow us to take control and assist you through any problems you may be having.

If you have used Zoom before, then everything will look identical.  RingCentral licenses Zoom’s software to deliver meeting functionality.

To join a meeting open a browser and navigate to the following link:




Enter the meeting ID that the KYC Data representative has given you in the box above.

The web site will ask you to download and install a lightweight meeting client. 

After downloading the file, click on it, or open it.  Click “Run” to install the meeting client:

Once you are in the meeting, you will get a pop up.  You have the option of either using your computer, or a phone for audio/video.  If you can’t use audio on your computer, then dial one of the numbers and enter the meeting ID and Participant ID when prompted:

To reveal the call in information at any time, roll your mouse over the program and click on the headphones in the lower left corner:

You can always link your phone call and computer sessions at any time during a meeting by hitting # followed by the participant id and another # on your phone.

If you want to join with computer audio, you will need to have your microphone and speakers working with Ring Central.  Click on “Computer Audio”

Click on “Test Speaker and Microphone” to ensure they are configured correctly.  Pick the correct speaker from the combo box below.  Ensure you can hear the sounds, or you will not be able to hear anything during the meeting: