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KYC Data

New Homeowner Data

The most accurate and freshest in the market

New Mortgage Data

Beat your competition to the mailbox

Equity Borrower Data

Find consumers with money to spend

NCOA Processing

Revitalize the Accuracy of your Database


Guarantee your Data Gets to its Destination

Other Public Records

Do you have a need for other public records?

The Premier SOURCE for Public Records

As a trusted name in the direct marketing industry, we’ve been providing national and regional companies with current, reliable and clean data since 1998. We compile data daily from state, county and city public record sources using verified documents to provide New Homeowner Data, Mortgage Data and Equity Borrower Data.

    New Homeowners

    Today: 16,201
    Last 7 days: 54,437
    Last 30 days: 221,990

    New Mortgages

    Today: 37,499
    Last 7 days: 122,773
    Last 30 days: 503,329

    New Equity

    Today: 3,934
    Last 7 days: 14,158
    Last 30 days: 56,849
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