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KYC Fresh Data Grows Bottom-Line Results Fast

AT KYC Data we collect and bring to market only the freshest Mortgage Data available from any source

New mortgage data contains a wealth of information about buyers and sellers that marketers can use to improve their bottom lines. Refinance lenders find value in targeting homeowners with offers of better financing, insurance companies can provide family security offers and property specific service providers, like energy efficiency companies, can offer account transfer services.

At KYC Data, we’re dedicated to collecting and bringing to market only the freshest Mortgage Data available from any source. Using our own specialized process, we reach out, on a daily basis, to every corner of the country where mortgage data is recorded. We use only verified public documents at state, county and city levels. We know where the data resides and are experts on accessing it. Today, KYC Data compiles over 50,000 mortgage records each day establishing us as the premier source compiler of mortgage data in the country.

The KYC Mortgage File includes key marketing information:
  • Borrower’s Name and Gender
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Sale Price (New Mortgages)
  • Type of Record (New Mortgage, Refinance or Equity Borrower)
  • Dwelling Type
  • Lending institution
  • …plus complete and accurate postal information needed to execute your marketing campaign

AT kyc data We have exactly
the data that you need

KYC Data is trusted and used by the largest direct marketing firms, resellers and brokers in the industry.

So, if you are a marketer whose target audience profile includes consumers with a new mortgage, KYC Data has the exact data that you need.







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