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KYC News

COVID-19 Update

At KYC Data, we are aware of the challenges everyone is facing. We assure you KYC Data is working diligently to stay on top of the 2,000+ counties we provide.  Some counties have closed their doors; however, many of the counties have been able to facilitate alternative procedures to ensure the data is recorded.  We will continue to collect the data as fresh as you expect.

We consider ourselves a partner in your business.  We anticipate record volume once the current pandemic diminishes and we will be here to provide you with the prospect for your successful marketing campaign.

If you want to keep on top of the volume in specific counties, please check our National Count Reports:

Please stay safe and healthy!

Frances Warth

direct: 770.888.0250
fax: 770.888.2020

eCommerce Site Update – eMail Now Available

With our latest update, we have added eMail address to the list of criteria and outputs available. For more detailed information please click here.

Please be advised that when you market to consumers’ eMail addresses you must comply with all laws. We highly suggest using an eMail service provider.

If you are a current customer on our eCommerce site and want to get eMail addresses, you need to add them to your criteria and you should change, or create a new layout on the eCommerce site. You will not be able to use a layout with eMail address if you have not selected eMail address as a criteria.

If you want to get a list of prospects with and without eMail addresses then you should first get a list of consumers with eMail address and then create a list of consumers without eMail addresses and choose suppression so you do not get the same names and addresses twice.

California Consumer Privacy Act – CCPA

As of January 1, 2020, in order to comply with the CCPA, KYC Data will allow residents of the state of California to query our database to discover what, if any, data we have compiled on that consumer.

KYC Data is committed to complying with all federal and state laws governing consumer privacy and the use of consumer information for marketing purposes.

If you are a resident of the state of California, please click here to access the consumer portal. You will be asked to provide a name, address and email address to confirm your identity. Once your identity is confirmed we will present you with a report on what information we have compiled. At that time you may choose to prevent any future sale of that data.

eCommerce Site Update – Consumer Attributes Available

Recent updates to our eCommerce site have made available access to consumer age and income when searching for prospects. These attributes are perfect for marketing final expense insurance. Contact us today via email or 888-767-0569 option 2, to enable access to these new criteria.

eCommerce Site New Look

We updated our eCommerce site to make it easier for all users. Counts are now called Prospect Lists:

We have also re-arranged the tabs on geographic selection, moved fields around and changed some buttons and their behavior (and we are getting ready to release our consumer overlay featuring age, income, phone numbers and emails which will be accessible ini Tab 4):

We have also made improvements in the credit card checkout process and improved our ability to manage and troubleshoot issues.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel! Feel free to leave us feedback!

LIDMA 2018

KYC Data is proud to be a showcase sponsor at the LIDMA Conference.  We are exhibiting and attending sessions to better understand the insurance industry and how KYC Data can better service the insurance customer prospecting process.  Stop by and see how we can help you get to prospects first, or order data now!

New eCommerce Site Available

KYC Data is pleased to announce the release of our new eCommerce site,  Our new site makes it easy to order new homeowner and mortgage data.  Enhancements to the system in the very near future will include the following:

  • Link to one of the largest consumer databases in the US to add even more granularity to your marketing audience
  • ZIP radius searches; find consumers who have recently purchased a new home, or refinanced within your prescribed distance

For help on the site, visit our video tutorials web page, email us at, or call is at 888-767-0569

New Mobile Friendly Web Site!

KYC Data has implemented a new version of its corporate web site!  The primary feature is that the new site is mobile friendly (responsive).  According to our IT Manager, over 35% of the traffic to the web site through organic Google searches and Ad Word clicks is done from mobile devices.

In addition to the new corporate web site, in the coming weeks we will be offering a new eCommerce solution that is extremely easy to use, mobile friendly and very fast!

Stay tuned for more product offerings from KYC Data; we are the Premiere Compiler of Public Records!

KYC Data adds coverage in Maine

KYC Data is proud to announce that we have mortgage and New Homeowner data available for the following counties in Maine:


Contact us for a count.

KYC Data Redesigned

The website,, has been officially been redesigned. This new design is full of vibrant, full colors that catch your attention. The previous design had a low variety of colors and seemed to focus on the color green. However, with the new design the website is more welcoming.

Along with the new color scheme, a new outline was designed for the site. The links are much easier to follow. As you view the home page, you can see a view of the different types of data and each one offers the option of getting more details or starting your own count. These links are also accompanied by pictures that bring your eyes to the links. Before, you had the usual drop down menus as you scroll over the categories.

This new design just feels smoother and you find your way around the site easier. Right away, there is a big link offering you to go ahead and “Run a Count”. This link promotes curiosity form the prospect and achieves KYC Data’s goal of providing the prospect with immediate answers on what data is available.

One important change that we feel is important in a website is the “About” section. Before, it was up in the corner, not noticeable, but now it has its own section among the others at the top making it more accessible. Knowing who you will potentially work with is important. This section gives the prospect the information they need to make the right choice.

KYC Data is the premier source for public records. Every day, information is obtained from public documents which are recorded at state, county and city courthouses throughout the U.S.. The information that KYC Data specializes in is new homeowner data, mortgage data, and equity borrower data. KYC Data has provided hundreds of companies this valuable information for marketing and research. They are reliable at providing over one million clean public records every month.

This new design is sure to draw in many more prospects and even bring back those that simply skimmed it once before.